Anti and post natal Pilates

bump pilates

anti natal pilates

anti natal pilates

Classes are held at the Salto Centre in Charlton, Andover SP10 4AJ

The next 6 week course will start on Wednesday 14th September at 12pm. This course will be designed for any stage anti natal, and new mums following their post 6 week check. The course will focus on pelvic floor and Transverse abdominis strength/repair, posture corrections and uses the Pilates' breath for relaxation techniques. There will be some nice stretches and all over body toning exercises too. No experience of Pilates is required.

Following this course the post natal ladies will be invited to the next stage course which will include all of the above content with a higher focus on toning and strength improvements. More of the Pilates movements will be introduced and further progressions can be made.

Babies are welcome in both classes

To book call/text or email Emma 07793229212